Jeff Haag, owner of Diversified Energy inspects & discusses a leaky HVAC ductwork system in a homeowner’s attic.

Improperly installed and/or leaky ductwork can be extremely costly. In this example, you will see HVAC ductwork with bad seals at connection points, ductwork that has been badly hung/strapped, and learn what needs to be done to fix the situation.

Leaky & improperly installed HVAC ductwork can significantly increase your heating and cooling costs, reduce the overall comfort of your home, potentially lead to moisture & condensation issues, causes your HVAC system to work harder/longer, and can reduce your indoor air quality.

Diversified Energy is the leader in home energy efficiency solutions and services. We can thoroughly inspect, test, and repair your HVAC ductwork, so you will enjoy lower energy bills, increased comfort and improved indoor air quality.


Diversified Energy is the leader in high-performance home and commercial energy efficiency solutions. We provide multiple types of insulation installation services, diagnostic testing services, whole house & duct sealing, infrared thermography, and much more.