Code Compliance

Building code compliance verification by our BPI certified technicians

Building Code Compliance

Trust your home’s code compliance testing to our BPI certified technicians

According to state law, all new residential construction requires 2009 IRC energy code compliance testing, as does all new additions, alterations, renovations, and repairs. However, unaltered portions need not comply. Diversified Energy is pleased to work with contractors, builders, and homeowners across the Gulf South to provide accurate, comprehensive assessments according to the latest IRC and IECC mandates. As a certified RESNET energy auditor and holder of three BPI certifications, DE provides all of the necessary official reporting to demonstrate that your projects meet or exceed these standards.

What Is Louisiana Building Code Compliance?

From Building Codes Assistance Project:

Building codes for one and two-family residential buildings are promulgated through the Louisiana State Uniform Code Council. Because the state adopts the International Residential Code (IRC), changes to the IRC are reviewed and recommended by an IRC review subcommittee, then a Technical Advisory Committee, then by the full Code Council. The final decisions of the Code Council are must then proceed through the state’s administrative rules review process before becoming law.

The key to realizing the full benefits associated with building energy codes is through compliance verification. Establishing and maintaining mechanisms to ensure energy code compliance is important to achieve greater energy and economic goals. Effective compliance and enforcement unlocks deeper energy savings, reduced costs, higher building resale value, and minimized environmental impact.

Who Needs Building Code Compliance Verification?

Builders, contractors, and homeowners all need building code compliance testing and verification on new residential home construction, and on many renovation projects. Compliance testing ensures that these projects meet or exceed the Louisiana building code requirements.

If you have questions about residential building code compliance, or want to request a quote, please contact us today.

Building Code Compliance

Trust Diversified Energy with your Louisiana building code compliance verification testing and checks. Our BPI certified technicians are highly trained and professional every step of the way. Diversified Energy has been providing home energy performance testing for almost two decades, and has tested thousands of homes across Louisiana and the Gulf South. 

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  • eric labourdette Avatar
    eric labourdette

    The guys sealed the house including and AC duct that was detached from the vent. I did not even know we were air conditioning the attic with that duct.

  • E Jean Turner Avatar
    E Jean Turner

    I appreciate so much the amazing job done by Chad Bourg. I can really feel a difference in my home today because of all the weather stripping, sealing/cleaning of ducts and more. It’s cold today but I didn’t have my heating unit virtually running all day. Thanks for a job well done.

  • Nola Girl Avatar
    Nola Girl

    Awesome customer service , very professional , he was quick an got the job done

  • michael smith Avatar
    michael smith

    Very professional experience

  • Jamie Wine Avatar
    Jamie Wine

    Diversified Energy did work at several buildings that I've owned. Their crews are professional, they explain the work and the cost in a way anyone can understand and they helped me take full advantage of utilty-sponsored discounts and programs. The best, A++ recommend them to everyone I know.


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