Radiant Barrier

Reflects 97% of radiant heat, and that’s cool

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers reflect 97% of radiant heat and can be installed in attics, garages, and in an infinite number of commercial applications.

Radiant barrier insulation is so effective in reducing energy bills in the summer because it works by reflecting the heat from the sun, resulting in increased performance of the structure’s existing insulation. Essentially, installing radiant barrier is like putting your house “in the shade.”

What Is Radiant Barrier?

A radiant barrier is a type of building product that reflects thermal radiation and reduces heat transfer. Since thermal energy is also transferred via conduction and convection, radiant barriers are often supplemented with thermal insulation products that slow down heat transfer via conduction or convection.

Radiant barrier reflects heat radiation [radiant heat], preventing transfer from one side to another due to a reflective, low emittance surface. In building applications, this surface is typically a very thin, mirror-like aluminum foil.

The radiant barrier that Diversified energy installs is a premium, heavy weight, dual sided [reflective foil on both sides, and bubble insulated between the top and bottom layers.

How Does Radiant Barrier Work?

Radiant barriers and reflective insulation systems work by reducing radiant heat gain. To be effective, the reflective surface must face an air space. … Radiant barriers are more effective in hot climates than in cool climates, especially when cooling air ducts are located in the attic.

How Much Does Radiant Barrier Cost?

The cost of installing radiant barrier in your home depends of a few factors, the amount of area that needs to be covered, and the location of the installation [attic, garage, etc.]. Adding radiant barrier to your home pairs well with our other insulation products, like spray foam or cellulose to ensure that you are addressing all methods of heat transfer.

Diversified Energy is the leader in home energy efficiency performance and diagnostic testing, and  our BPI certified technicians will professionally install the finest radiant barrier in your home or business. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your free consultation and quote.

Radiant Barrier

Diversified Energy’s experienced contractors can put almost any building ‘in the shade’ with our premium heavyweight radiant barrier professional installations. Generally speaking, homeowners can expect to realize increased comfort and a 5% to 25% savings in their heating and cooling costs, with one-story homes experiencing the highest percentage of energy savings.

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  • Bill Boren Avatar
    Bill Boren

    Chad and Ross did a great job. They helped increase my home’s energy efficiency in just a couple of hours of assessment and work. Very respectful and friendly all along.

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    Michael Bondio

    Chad and Ross serviced my home and were very informative and very polite. Super helpful people that anyone would appreciate them going to their home. Highly recommended.

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    Sharon Webre

    I'm extremely satisfied with the work performance of Chad with diversified energy, not only was he professional and extremely efficient and also had a great courteous professional demeanor. I would highly recommend their services to other home owners.

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    Jayna Young

    I would highly recommend using Diversified Energy! The professionalism, respect for my property, and the efficiency of the installation far exceeded any of my expectations!! Not to mention my energy bill went down.

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    Jamie Wine

    Diversified Energy did work at several buildings that I've owned. Their crews are professional, they explain the work and the cost in a way anyone can understand and they helped me take full advantage of utilty-sponsored discounts and programs. The best, A++ recommend them to everyone I know.


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