360 Energy Audit

Building performance testing by our BPI certified technicians

The DE 360 Audit

Other companies’ 10-minute walk-through energy audits simply can’t provide the detailed reporting necessary to provide professional consultations equivalent to DE’s exacting standards.

It is our advanced knowledge of building science, and the use of cutting-edge diagnostic testing tools that allow us to provide energy efficiency solutions and fixes that deliver results. Our BPI Certified Technicians use the most advanced diagnostic tools, including thermal/infrared imaging, blower door testing, and duct leakage testing to detect, locate and quantify deficiencies. We can also quantify your projected monthly energy savings by making our recommended energy efficiency improvements.

During every 360 Energy Audit, we go the extra mile to offer solutions to improve your family’s comfort and safety, enhancing your home’s overall energy efficiency, and improve your indoor air quality.

Does My Home Need A 360 Energy Audit?

Virtually every home, new or existing, can benefit from our 360 Energy Audit.

How many times have you heard [or said] “this is the room we can never keep cool.” Or, “this is the hottest room in the house.” These are common problems in older homes.

Existing Homes

Existing homes, especially historic homes are notorious for being extremely energy inefficient, drafty, and having terrible indoor air quality. Older homes have were built to lower standards,  and typically have less insulation. Older homes also have a higher chance of having leaky or damaged HVAC duct-work. And, older homes that have had time to settle most likely have developed cracks and leaks.

New Homes

New homes, especially production homes can benefit from our 360 Energy Audit as well. We perform post-construction 360 Energy Audits on homes across the Gulf South to ensure that they meet code and that the builder has delivered the energy-efficient home they promised. Our testing will make sure the air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation are all working as designed.

What Does The 360 Audit Include?

Every Diversified Energy 360 Energy Audit is custom designed based on the needs and goals of our client. Some clients are trying to diagnose specific problems in their homes, while others want a comprehensive overview of their home’s performance, and what they can do to improve it. Regardless of your goal, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the most accurate and actionable information possible.

360 Energy Audit Services

Your Diversified Energy 360 Energy Audit can include any/all of the following services:

  • Blower Door Testing – whole house leakage testing
  • Duct Blaster Testing – HVAC duct-work leakage testing
  • Infrared Photography – Thermography
  • CAZ Testing – Combustion Appliance Zone testing

Your 360 Energy Audit will also include an thorough visual inspection, including:

  • Inspection of all doors / entryways
  • Inspection of all windows
  • Inspection of attic insulation
  • Inspection under raised floor / crawlspace
  • Inspection of all HVAC equipment

You are welcome to observe and ask questions of our BPI certified technicians as they perform your 360 Energy Audit. We will provide you with reports regarding your home’s performance and recommendation about what we recommend you fix/repair. If the repairs necessary are part of Diversified Energy’s scope of services, we can provide an estimate for the project as well.

How Much Does A 360 Energy Audit Cost?

Ultimately, the price of every 360 Energy Audit is custom quoted, because there are so many differences between homes. The square footage of the condition space of the home, the number of HVAC units, and number of diagnostic services required/requested are all calculated into the final price of your 360 Energy Audit. 

Contact us today for a custom quote on your Diversified Energy Audit.

DE 360 Energy Audit

Diversified Energy’s 360 Energy Audit gives our analysts real insight into your home’s building science.

No other local Louisiana company is more qualified to conduct proper combustion appliance zone testing to help keep your family safe from dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks than Diversified Energy. Trust your family’s comfort to our experienced BPI certified home efficiency experts, and call to schedule your 360 Energy Audit today.

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