Cellulose Insulation

Our experienced crews will completely fill and insulate walls and attic voids, forming a seamless obstruction that significantly reduces the flow of heat and virtually eliminates home air infiltration. It’s this intrusion of outside air that carries extreme temperatures, moisture, and pollutants into your home—all of which causes high utility bills, structural damage, and even health problems.

Cellulose insulation installation qualifies for many electric utility rebate programs. Diversified Energy is an active participating contractor of the Energy Smart Program of New Orleans, the Entergy Solutions Program of Entergy Louisiana/Gulf states, Entergy Solutions Arkansas, and the Cleco Residential Energy Solutions Program. Utility programs like these are constantly updating the qualifying requirements and incentive amounts. Please check with us to learn more about how Diversified can help you take advantage of these programs.

Reduce energy bills by up to 40% with Diversified Energy’s professional application of cellulose insulation.

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Benefits Of Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is a type of insulation that is made from recycled paper products and is treated with fire retardants and other chemicals to improve its performance and safety.

The benefits of cellulose insulation include:

Energy Efficiency: Cellulose insulation is an effective insulator, helping to reduce heat transfer and improve energy efficiency, making homes and buildings more comfortable and reducing energy costs.

Sustainability: Cellulose insulation is made from recycled materials, making it a sustainable choice for homeowners who are concerned about the environment.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: Cellulose insulation is made from natural and non-toxic materials, and it does not release any harmful substances, helping to improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of exposure to allergens and pollutants.

Soundproofing: Cellulose insulation has excellent soundproofing properties, helping to reduce noise transmission and improve the overall acoustics of a home.

Fire Resistance: Cellulose insulation has been treated with fire retardants, making it a safe choice for homes and buildings.

Easy to Install: Cellulose insulation is easy to install, and it can be blown into walls, ceilings, and attics using specialized equipment.

Affordability: Cellulose insulation is a cost-effective choice for homeowners, as it is relatively cheap compared to other types of insulation.

In conclusion, cellulose insulation is an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for an energy-efficient, sustainable, and affordable insulation solution. With its wide range of benefits, including improved indoor air quality, fire resistance, and soundproofing, cellulose insulation is a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike.

FAQs About Cellulose Insulation

There are numerous benefits to cellulose insulation, including energy savings, increased comfort, and sound control. Just to name a few.

Energy Savings

Cellulose provides energy savings through effective insulation value. Since stabilized cellulose insulation is blown in place, it completely fills the cavities, providing a seamless installation. A seamless installation means there won’t be any gaps or spaces that can occur when products like fiberglass batt insulation are installed. This means you get full value for your money and the highest insulation R-value for the price.

Properly insulating your home is like keeping money in your pocket every month. You can spend a little bit today, and realize savings for years. Or, you can keep dumping money into the pockets of your electric company.

Increased Comfort

A home insulated with stabilized cellulose insulation is a comfortable home because your cooling and heating equipment don’t have to work as hard to achieve your desired indoor temperature. Proper insulation makes it easier for your home to hold the desired temperature

A properly insulated home also means that every room becomes “the best room in the house,” because gone are the day of “that’s the hot room,” or “that’s the cold room.”

Sound Control

A quiet home should be relaxing and serene. Cellulose completely fills the intended space making it difficult for sound to pass. Unwanted noise affects comfort, concentration, and behavior. By insulating the interior walls of a home you will be able to enjoy the comfort of participating in different activities simultaneously throughout the building without the associated noise. Cellulose insulation’s sound control is also ideal for businesses and multi-family homes.

The cost for installing cellulose insulation will depend on the point of installation – walls or attic, the depth of insulation installed, and the overall square footage covered. Due to the high volume of cellulose insulation we install, our prices are extremely competitive, and we can include other insulation contractors who can’t or don’t.

Cellulose insulation pairs perfectly with other Diversified Energy home performance services like air sealing, duct sealing, and duct cleaning. Plus, cellulose insulation qualifies for many available electric utility incentive programs to make it more affordable than other insulation options.

If you have questions, or to get a free quote, contact us today!

Cellulose insulation qualifies for many electric utility rebate programs. Diversified Energy is an active participating contractor of the Energy Smart Program of New Orleans, the Entergy Solutions Program of Entergy Louisiana/Gulf states, Mississippi Power’s Energy Checkup, and the Cleco Residential Energy Solutions Program. Utility programs like these are constantly updating the qualifying requirements and incentive amounts. Please check with us to learn more about how Diversified can help you take advantage of these programs.

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Cindy CorenCindy Coren
21:14 22 Apr 24
Workers Niki and crew were professional and ŵorking
Mic StylezMic Stylez
21:06 22 Apr 24
Niki, Allen, & Tron were such a delight to meet. They were so informative, and particular in explaining to me different questions I had to help me... understand thoroughly. They did a wonderful job, and they cleaned up after themselves as well. If you’re looking for the BEST, I highly recommend that you go with Diversified Energy.read more
Romell SmithRomell Smith
17:31 16 Apr 24
They came in and did an awesome job. All smiles, made sure the work was being done effectively, explained everything and gave me a couple pointers.... My CFM50 Reduction was almost 2000. A massive drop in inefficiency. They even cleaned up everything behind themselvesread more
Missy BarardMissy Barard
02:09 04 Apr 24
I am highly recommending diversified energy to everyone that is looking for a dependable company with very knowledgeable, hard-working, kind... responsible, neat workers that take the time and finish Your home with a fine tooth comb. The praise goes to Niki and Alli/Natristan This company couldn’t have sent me two better workers I appreciate everything that you have done. I’ve already referred you to a coworker and she’ll be looking forward to working with you all as well. Niki and Alli You all are a five star duel. Best wishes in your career. The work and the communication that you all has given, Sure makes a customers life at ease. Your Boss should give ya’ll a raise for making the company standards and values stronger . Thanks again for everything.read more
Anthony AlmericoAnthony Almerico
20:19 21 Mar 24
Nikki and her crew did an excellent job attending to my home energy needs. From the beginning, Nikki was very communicative letting me know exactly... what time the crew would arrive. They were very attentive to details, and made sure to keep me informed of everything that was going on throughout their work. They were even so kind as to let me know I had a roof leak, 😔, and notified me of it's location. They were mindful of my home and made sure not to disturb anything and even offered to help vacuum the house when they were done! They were also very aware, and kind, to my pup while going in and out the house, as he likes to dart around. Nikki made sure my gate and front door were always closed! (For those that have pets home while workers are present know how important this is.) I have had quite a few groups of people work on my home over the years and I can tell when someone cares about their work and when someone doesn't. Nikki and her team really cared, and I felt like I got to know them during the time they were working on my home. What a great job! It was a wonderful, EASY experience to work with them!read more
Blake CulpepperBlake Culpepper
18:50 09 Jan 24
Jeff and his team were very informative and helped me to understand the way my AC and insulation were contributing to moisture issues I was having.... Through an educational approach, we addressed the most pressing issues and will re-evaluate progress over time. We added spray foam over a previous spray foam job that was inadequately done, corrected damaged duct work under my house with insulation, and replaced an oversized AC unit, all of which were contributing to excess moisture and wasted energy costs in my home.Jeff and team were also very friendly and professional, which was refreshing when I was being oversold and pressured by another company. I would certainly recommend Diversified Air to friends and family.read more
14:31 04 Nov 23
Diversified Energy did a great job at my home for weatherization. The crew was extremely professional and curious. I would highly recommend this... company.read more
Gary ClementsGary Clements
17:05 07 Oct 23
Diversified Energy, from its owner, Jeff Haag, to its team led by Nikki, were thorough, competent, professional, hard-working and cost-effective. We... had our attic ductwork sealed and then the entire attic floor insulated with blown-in cellulose fiber, covered completely by sheets of the cutting edge technology of QV Platinum PCM (Phase Change Material) [Diversified Energy is the sole provider of this technology in the metro area]. Our A/C system works less now, even with continuing heat. We recommend Diversified Energy for upgrading your home’s energy efficiency!!read more
Jason RiggsJason Riggs
11:26 05 Oct 23
Jeff Haag and Diversified Energy went above and beyond while consulting with my client about insulation and home efficiency. He is very... knowledgeable and has insulated multiple homes for me, always with good results. Very responsive too.read more
Gena McKenzieGena McKenzie
14:06 13 Sep 23
sandy andrepontsandy andrepont
16:04 31 May 23
Nikki and her team did a wonderful in my home. They sprayed insulation, sealed air ducts and attic and much more. Nikki explained everything that was... being done, very professional and respectful of me and my home. I highly recommend them!read more
Rudy LinhubRudy Linhub
15:20 15 May 23
When only the best customer service and installation will do. They foam insulated my attic and installed an American Standard heat pump. Quick, easy... and in budget. A rare business find.Thanks Jeff!read more
Jenna DuplechienJenna Duplechien
21:38 11 May 23
Niki Aguillard and her crew came out to my house and did a fantastic job! They texted me what time they would arrive and they were on time. They made... sure every crack was sealed in my house and even put door sliders on the doors to keep the air from flowing in. They completely insulated the attic. They were very friendly and kind overall did an amazing job I’m very pleased with how they went over and beyond to ease every concern I had and I really appreciate their hard work. Would definitely recommend Diversified Energy “Plug into Comfort”read more
Joel HenschenJoel Henschen
22:57 13 Mar 23
We had a great experience working with Diversified Energy. They were always willing to communicate and take care of any issue that popped up. One... of the best and most honest contractors I have dealt with. I will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you!read more
Dolores FryouxDolores Fryoux
21:37 28 Oct 22
Niki and Damon did a great job today!! They really answered All my questions and concerns. I am very happy with the whole process and highly... recommend this company.read more
Avis JamesAvis James
18:27 13 Oct 22
Nikki and her crew sealed in the attic, around doors and around plumbing pipes. Then they returned to add insulation. Very professional. Great job.
Rebecca WhitakerRebecca Whitaker
00:08 25 Sep 22
Blake came out and did an energy audit of my place of residence. He was very gracious and professional. He respected my request for him to remove his... shoes and was patient enough to answer my questions. Thank you, Blake!read more
Darrin ClarkDarrin Clark
18:10 27 Jul 22
Niki crew came and explained the job details and performed very professional and in a timely manner and I was satisfied with the whole process and... would recommend to anyone that is in need of the services they provideread more
Dave ODave O
15:55 16 Oct 21
First off these are some friendly and professional people! They came in to our home and had nothing but respect and explained things in a way that... was more family/friend based than technical. BIG shout out to Mike and Ryan for the amazing help and work! They tested the house and did all the checks as well as made sure we had stuff in place. They hooked us up with a great light package that should help our energy use as well as lighting needs. Everything is top notch and amazing customer service!read more
Summer CarterSummer Carter
20:31 18 Mar 19
I had such a great experience with Jack, Shamone, and Chad! They were extremely friendly and very professional! Jack explained what would take place... the morning of my appointment and answered all of my questions! They were all very understanding of my very noisy three year old as well! Thank you again you guys for such a pleasurable experience!read more

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