Did you know Valentine’s day and LEDs have so much in common?

With hundreds of types and styles of LEDs today, make sure you’re 100% on point with all LEDs.

Ok, so what’s the LED Valentine’s gig here?

The Energy Department states that a single-family home has an average of 85 lights and uses an average of 8 hours per day when calculating the lifespans of bulbs over time. Let’s do the math:

  • The average LED and Incandescent bulb is roughly the same at $1.50/bulb depending on where, multi-pack pricing and time of year, etc., etc.
  • The average life span of an incandescent and LED bulb is 1,000 hours and 15,000 hours respectively.
  • Based on the above the average incandescent lifespan is 125 days whereas an LED is 5 years. This means that incandescent bulbs will be replaced 14.6 times over the first lifespan of their LED counterpart for 5 years.

Here’s the kicker!!! If you do the math over the LED’s 5-year lifespan at an average 3.8% inflation rate (so that’s what they all say 😉) those incandescents will cost you 15 times more than your LEDs or about $3,000! But more likely somewhere between $4,000 to $5,000.

So now, what do Valentines and LEDs have in common? Really nothing.

From all of us at Diversified Energy…. Happy Valentines!!!!