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Spray Foam Gallery

Installing spray polyurethane foam insulation is not something just anyone can do. Achieving proper foam depth, and proper coverage is a skill that takes years to master. Installing spray foam properly is more of an art form, and our professional installers are the master artists.

Diversified energy employs only proven, code-required techniques. We customize spray polyurethane foam insulation packages for residential and commercial wall & attic applications.

Gallery – Cellulose Insulation

Diversified Energy installs Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation in attics, interior and exterior walls. Our professional installers take the time to ensure complete and even converage in your attic, and full fill in your walls. Cellulose insulation is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and provides great insulation and sound control properties.

Gallery – Fiberglass Insulation

Diversified Energy installs premium blown-in and batt fiberglass insulation in attics, interior and exterior walls. Fiberglass insulation provides great insulation and sound control properties at a very affordable price. Fiberglass insulation can also be installed in combination with closed cell spray foam insulation to produce higher R-Values and increased sound control.

Gallery – Crawlspace & Subfloors

Raised homes are extremely common in the Gulf South and Greater New Orleans region, due to flooding fears, and overall building style. Properly preparing crawlspaces and subfloors for moisture control, and installing insulation is a specialty application that very few understand.

Diversified Energy’s insulation and moisture control services for crawlspaces and subfloors follow documented industry best-practice methods. And, our professional service technicians take the time to ensure that every step is completed correctly the first time around.

Spray Foam Gallery – Duct-work

Leaky, uninsulated HVAC duct-work can drastically increase your heating and cooling costs, and negatively affect your Indoor Air Quality. Diversified Energy can address both of these issues by spraying your duct-work with foam insulation. Spray foam insulation not only insulates, but also seals your ductwork in a single, high-performance application.

Lower your heating and cooling bill, and improve your Indoor Air Quality today by having Diversified Energy install spray foam insulation on your HVAC duct-work.

Radiant Barrier Gallery

Installing a radiant barrier is like putting your home or building in the shade by reflecting the sun’s radiant heat before it comes inside. And, it works in reverse in the wintertime by keeping the heat in when it is cold outside. Installing a radiant barrier can greatly improve the overall comfort of your home while reducing your heating and cooling bills by 5% – 25%.

Radiant barriers reflect 97% of radiant heat and can be installed in attics, garages, and in an infinite number of commercial applications. Our highly skilled technicians will properly install your radiant barrier in almost any application: residential, commercial, or industrial.

Diagnostic Testing Gallery

Gone are the days of contractors “making their best guess” as to what might be the cause of high energy bills. No more guessing as to why there are hot/cold rooms. No more mystery as to how increasing/installing insulation will affect the sizing needs for your new HVAC system. No more wondering how your home is always dusty and your Indoor Air Quality is so poor.

Diversified Energy offers a comprehensive menu of cutting-edge diagnostic testing services that can be used to drastically improve the performance, Indoor Air Quality, and comfort of your existing home, and know exactly what needs to be fixed or improved and where. We can also consult and do testing during and after construction to ensure that your new home performs exactly as it should.

Other companies’ 10-minute walk-through energy audits simply can’t provide the detailed reporting necessary to provide professional consultations to DE’s exacting standards.

Magnetite Window Gallery

Magnetite Windows are the perfect double-pane solution for historic homes, and/or homes with original, single-pane windows. Now you can get the performance of double-pane windows without sacrificing the aesthetic or historic style of your home. Magnetite windows are also the perfect, lower-cost alternative to replacing the windows in your home. And, all of the Magnetite Windows we install is custom made, so you are ensured a perfect fit.

Magnetite® Windows are practically invisible, yet they provide superior air insulating qualities without the high costs of replacement windows.

Weatherization Gallery

Weatherization is one of the most cost-effective starting points to improve your home’s energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

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Happy Diversified Energy Clients

At Diversified Energy, we strive to provide the finest service to our valued clients. Their satisfaction with our work can be seen in the pictures below, and in the hundreds of 5-star reviews, we have spread across our Google Business page, Facebook, and Feefo. 

Check out just a few of Diversified Energy’s happy clients. Our teams go the extra mile to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied.

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