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John Lipani Avatar
John Lipani
4/02/2021 - Google

This company was awesome. First off they were prompt. Love when someone says they will be there they are. Ryan was not only a professional but a subject matter expert. He talked me through every step they were doing. Niki and Tatumr were meticulously making sure every blub was changed and both a/c units were working optimally. I can't say enough about the great work they did. I will eventually add spray foam and they will be the first company I call. Thank you all. JOHN

Sharon Webre Avatar
Sharon Webre
3/12/2021 - Google

I'm extremely satisfied with the work performance of Chad with diversified energy, not only was he professional and extremely efficient and also had a great courteous professional demeanor. I would highly recommend their services to other home owners.

Lori Mullins Avatar
Lori Mullins
2/22/2021 - Google

Great job!!! Chad was excellent. He was very professional and thorough. He discovered a hole in our duck work that he fixed which should save us money.

E Jean Turner Avatar
E Jean Turner
2/01/2021 - Google

I appreciate so much the amazing job done by Chad Bourg. I can really feel a difference in my home today because of all the weather stripping, sealing/cleaning of ducts and more. It’s cold today but I didn’t have my heating unit virtually running all day. Thanks for a job well done.

Tatiana Begault Avatar
Tatiana Begault
1/30/2021 - Google

Diversified Energy has done extensive positive work in our general community and I have learned first hand of their social conscious mission and vision. Incredible weatherization techniques, they are an environmental friendly company with caring and dedicated crew members. Truly professionals and held uttermost respect to my family. Top notch service in weatherization and spray foam insulation. Worthy of every dime spent!
Has saved money and continues to reduce monthly expenses, gold star contractor, honest and commendable company. Their dedication and prompt communication are outstanding. Great team to hire and work with!

Jamie Wine Avatar
Jamie Wine
1/25/2021 - Google

Diversified Energy did work at several buildings that I've owned. Their crews are professional, they explain the work and the cost in a way anyone can understand and they helped me take full advantage of utilty-sponsored discounts and programs. The best, A++ recommend them to everyone I know.

Bill Boren Avatar
Bill Boren
1/22/2021 - Google

Chad and Ross did a great job. They helped increase my home’s energy efficiency in just a couple of hours of assessment and work. Very respectful and friendly all along.

Ross Doyle Avatar
Ross Doyle
1/22/2021 - Google

I was extremely pleased with the results from Diversified Energy. The work was extremely thorough and professional. I was most impressed with how long Chad worked to take care of every little detail. He spent the entire day working hard.

Enola Boudreaux Avatar
Enola Boudreaux
1/21/2021 - Google

Your workers did a great job. Their professionalism shows that they are dedicated to your company. These young men showed knowledge and understanding of energy sufficient work. I would definitely recommend your services to my family and friends.

1/21/2021 - Google

Exceptional service! I want to thank the team at diversified for their white glove service.
The detailed explanation of services and affordability of the product to increase the efficiency of my home was on point.
I appreciate the clean condition they left out home and one of the guys even brought my trash cans up to the garage. If I could give them more than 5 stars would.

Jayna Young Avatar
Jayna Young
1/21/2021 - Google

I would highly recommend using Diversified Energy! The professionalism, respect for my property, and the efficiency of the installation far exceeded any of my expectations!! Not to mention my energy bill went down.

lisa berkman Avatar
lisa berkman
11/16/2020 - Google

I’m so pleased with the work done by Chad and Aaron with Diversified Energy! They worked on my a/c leakage, sealed up air pathways in my attic and under sinks, and replaced weather stripping around my doors. Very professional and knowledgeable in keeping me informed of all the steps along the way also. I would definitely recommend them!

Chaz Caiado Avatar
Chaz Caiado
11/14/2020 - Google

Chad and Aaron were awesome. They worked quickly and were very informative. I would recommend them.

Cameron Burgess Avatar
Cameron Burgess
11/10/2020 - Google

The guys that came out to the house were very nice, very informative, they kept us up to date on everything they did and did a great job. They made huge improvements in our AC, vent seals, weather seals on doors , and air leakage. I would definitely recommend giving these guys a call.

Beverly Tynes Avatar
Beverly Tynes
10/26/2020 - Google

Chad Bourg, Jr. and Aaron did a great job. Came in professional and polite. Got to work and completed the job in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks!

Noah Callahan Avatar
Noah Callahan
10/14/2020 - Google

Chad and Aaron were absolutely fantastic. They came for weatherization services - arrived on time, very helpful, answered all of my questions (there were plenty), did excellent work, explained everything thoroughly, walked me through everything they did and what I can do to help my energy bill and such, they were very considerate, polite and fun to chat with, not creepy or weird, made me feel at ease with the entire process where normally I’m a pretty anxious guy. 10/10, will do plenty more business with them.

Kathryn Fortier Avatar
Kathryn Fortier
10/08/2020 - Google

Chad and Aaron arrived this afternoon to make my home more energy efficient. They arrived in a timely manner and called ahead to let me know they were on their way. These guys were respectful, friendly and knowledgeable. They explained what the did and how it would benefit my energy usage. I would highly recommend Diversified Energy because of the professionalism these two young men displayed.

A'Ja Lawrence Avatar
A'Ja Lawrence
10/02/2020 - Google

Chad and his team mate did a great job. They informative and they were well mannered and professional. They are a great team!

Phil Despommier Avatar
Phil Despommier
9/02/2020 - Google

Chad and his crew were professional, ethical and efficient. They explained everything they did as they performed each task. The work ethic of these young men should be acknowledged. What respect I have for each of them.

JoAnn Monteleone Avatar
JoAnn Monteleone
8/19/2020 - Google

Very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. They love their job and are excellent at it! Thank you guys for taking care of me and my home. Couldn’t be happier or recommend this company enough!

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Alan B. Fisher Avatar
Alan B. Fisher
10/22/2019 - Facebook

Jeff and his team are exceptional! Having owned, managed and maintained both commercial and residential Real Estate for over 40 years, I wish it was the norm to have honest, service oriented and professional businesses such as Diversified Energy. They set the standard for quality work, punctuality, pleasant and knowledgeable employees and most importantly they stand behind their work. I recommend Jeff and DE wholeheartedly!

Jane Macke Avatar
Jane Macke
4/13/2019 - Facebook

We highly recommend this company. Jack & Chad did an excellent job at our house. They discovered that our flexible AC ducts were disconnected in two separate areas. They also replaced weather stripping on two doors and sprayed foam insulation all around our plumbing throughout the house. They also replaced high energy light bulbs in the house. They offered many suggestions on what to do next to become more energy efficient. We immediately noticed an improvement in the temperature in our house. The output of the AC had greatly improved. Thanks so much to Jack and Chad. They were awesome and also very friendly and polite.

Tish Aguillard Foret Avatar
Tish Aguillard Foret
4/09/2019 - Facebook

Great job, thanks Niki and Xavier for your exceptional work. I highly recommend this business.

Kathy Carr-Wire Avatar
Kathy Carr-Wire
4/03/2019 - Facebook

Excellent company and the employees that came today were awesome!! We had Jack and Fred come and perform a energy efficiency upgrade and they were very polite, and professional. I highly recommend this company.

David Holtman Avatar
David Holtman
12/13/2018 - Facebook

What a great organization. This company truly takes care of their customers both on the technical/delivery side and the customer service side. It's hard to put into words how my level of satisfaction, couldn't recommend any higher.

David Holtman Avatar
David Holtman
10/04/2016 - Facebook

Excellent company, best in town. Don't go anywhere else if you are looking for a quality product and service. Diversified is not your average contractor, shows up on time, understands service and will never leave a job unfinished.

Testimonial Archive

Jerry Speirs

Neat, timely, professional Excellent work. Neat, timely, professional.

Jennifer Butler

I am thrilled The team at Diversified Energy took the time to explain the scope of work, answer a myriad of questions and understood this was a big and expensive decision. They were polite, easy to access and trustworthy. The work itself was high quality and very neat. I am thrilled.

Hermoine Spencer

Great job! Diversified Energy came in and found large leak spots and sealed collars, return and my air handler giving less room for my unit to continue to cycle on and off. The crew consisted of Devin, Joe & James. Great job!

Joshua Burns

Not only professional but also genuine Everyone that I met and/or talked to were not only professional but also genuine. I felt comfortable with their team working on my house, both inside and outside.

Tina Young

They were courteous, mannerly and professional I thought the guys did an excellent job. They were comprehensive in explaining the entire process to me and how it would save on my Entergy bills. They were courteous, mannerly and professional. They showed me before and after pictures of the work completed. They did an awesome job, I couldn’t ask for more. I felt super comfortable while they were in my home. Their names were Devin and Mickey.

Paul Irons

Simply the best in the Biz in NOLA Simply the best in the Biz in NOLA.

Teresa Amadeo

Worked quickly and efficiently Crew checked the A/C unit- sealed leaking ducts and performed an air leakage test. The crew was on time and worked quickly and efficiently. They left the premises as they found it, totally satisfied.

Bill Peltier

I am very pleased Building Analysis and Duct Sealing. It was a great experience and I am very pleased.

Joann Jones

Very professional from beginning to end Logan was very professional from beginning to end, very well mannered and answered all my questions. He checked everything and explains everything that he was going to do, very informative.

Cheryl B Perrilloux

Very professional A duct leakage pressurization test was performed, sealed all the duct leaks with code approved materials and a final test out of the systems to guarantee tighter system. Logan came in and explained to me everything that needed to be done and he was very professional. When he finished he explained everything that was done.

Lee LeBlanc

Takes his time and makes you feel very comfortable I would like to say how happy I was with the explanation and time that Jeff allowed me with Diversified Energy. Jeff presented himself in such a manner that Is not seen in other sales representatives. He did not mind taking his time and explaining everything in such a way that you could understand it . He did not mind repeating himself either. Most salesman want to get in and out as fast as possible, not Jeff he takes his time and makes you feel very comfortable. I would feel very confident in recommending his company Diversified Energy to anyone who has new ongoing construction work needing help with their existing home.

Sylvia Ard

They were very efficient The crew sealed around our unit in the attic and where our duct work connects. They were very efficient, explained what they had to do and did it. They showed us pictures once the work was completed.

Larry Calabres

I highly recommend them The 2 technicians performed two test. One on the whole house and the other on the ac system. After they ran the test, they got right to work sealing all the leaks. Nicholas and Ollie showed up ahead of time. They had great character and personality. I highly recommend them.

Becky Pace

They arrived early and were very professional They came in and checked for leaks and checked the performance of my A/C unit. They arrived early and were very professional. Devin left his number in case I had any questions. When I called him, he was very nice and answered all my questions thoroughly.

Henry James Jr

Technicians were on time and very polite Technicians were on time and very polite. They took before and after pictures, and showed me once the work was completed and made sure I understood what was completed. They did a good job cleaning up after themselves.

Fernando Ortiz

They went above and beyond the call of duty Nicholas Sofranec and his fellow crew members came to the house and went right to business to perform the work they needed to do. Using a computerized system, they identified that we have in fact over 40% leakage on the AC ducts. They identified all the defects then proceeded to seal the leaks. They took pictures of the before and after and went over them with me. They went above and beyond the call of duty and nail shut the door that hides the A/C unit, it was completely loose.I will definitely use this provider again. I completely recommend this provider, especially Nick and his crew.

Edward Robinson

I am very impressed and pleased The contractor performed duct sealing and duct testing to my A/C unit and duct work. My home started out with 341 cubic ft. of air leakage and after the duct seal was done it was down to 142 cubic ft. of air leakage. I am very impressed and pleased.

Greg Reinhard

One of the best financial/efficiency decisions I have ever made One of the best financial/efficiency decisions I have ever made. The job was done very neatly. The most important thing for me was the minimal Entergy bills that I now have. 2350 square feet of living space and the highest bill this year in the scorching heat of the summer was $63.

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