The correct type of properly-installed spray foam will provide the most monthly energy savings, the most noticeable seasonal comfort, and the highest moisture management versus any other product and/or installation on the market. Two inches of applied rigid 2 lb closed cell spray foam provides an effective air barrier, a code-approved low perm-rated vapor barrier, and a code-approved insulation value of R-13. No other single product/installation can accomplish this and provide a maintenance-free unlimited lifespan of effectiveness to a subfloor, crawlspace, or raised slab foundation. The benefits of enclosing the crawlspace are to maintain a dehumidified environment under the home, a sustainable flooring system, increased energy efficiency, and additional comfort.

With RESNET Energy Rater and Building Performance Institute training and certifications, Diversified Energy’s philosophy is to propose the correct product for the correct application and to specify the details that guarantee the energy-efficient performance our clients are looking for.