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Diversified Energy is proud to introduce QE Platinum to the greater New Orleans/Louisiana Gulf South region. QE Platinum is a cutting-edge energy efficiency product that differs from conventional insulation that only blocks heat flow. Instead, QE Platinum actively captures, stores, and releases thermal energy before it enters your home or business.

The proprietary PCM formulations for QE Platinum are chosen based on regional climate zones, enabling us to provide customized solutions for homes, businesses, offices, and schools that deliver optimal comfort and performance.

What Is QE Platinum?

QE Platinum [QEP] is a cutting-edge energy efficiency product that combines two proven technologies; phase change materials [PCMs] and radiant barrier. Unlike traditional insulation products that only work to slow the flow of heat, QEP actively absorbs, stores, and releases heat before it ever gets to your current insulation.

QEP is kind of like a year-round quilted, radiant barrier blanket that is filled with PCMs, which helps keep your home or business cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. QEP also significantly reduces the load on your HVAC equipment to reduce your cooling and heating costs by up to 50%.

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Fast Installation

Our professional installation crews can install QE Platinum in a fraction of the time when compared to upgrading or replacing your current insulation. QEP can be laid directly over your current attic insulation, stapled in place vertically on stem and side walls, or placed directly on top of ceiling tiles in dropped ceilings.

Guaranteed Energy Savings

QE Platinum is backed by a 20% energy savings guarantee for qualifying homes or buildings. How many other high-performance energy efficiency products come with that kind of guarantee? If your qualifying home or business has not achieved a minimum of 20% savings on your cooling and heating bill, QE Platinum will cut you a check for the difference.

30 Year Warranty

QE Platinum is covered by a comprehensive 30-year warranty.

Proudly Made In The USA

QE Platinum is a US company and proudly sourced and manufactured in the USA. When you put QE Platinum in your home or business, you are helping support an American business and American jobs.

Fire Safety

QE Platinum boasts an incredible ASTM E-84 rating [Flame: 5/Smoke: 5].

FAQs about QE Platinum Insulation

Phase Change Materials, or PCMs have been around for a very long time and come in all types of formulations. PCMs are materials designed to store or release heat at predetermined temperatures to provide useful heating and cooling characteristics.

Without going into a complex scientific explanation, the phase change material inside QE Platinum [QEP] is custom-formulated to start absorbing heat when a specified ambient temperature is reached. It then actively works to store that heat until the ambient temperature has peaked. Once the ambient temperature starts to drop, QEP gradually releases the stored heat.

Absorb – Store – Release

When you have QEP installed over the existing insulation in your attic, it works like an active, heat storage barrier to stop the heat from ever making it through to your existing insulation and then your house or business. This reduces the load on your HVAC system significantly, producing significant savings on your cooling and heating bill, and improves the overall comfort inside your home or business.

The proprietary PCM formulations for QE Platinum are tailored to regional climate zones, providing customized solutions for homes, businesses, offices, and schools that offer optimal comfort and performance. Despite prioritizing savings and comfort, safety is never compromised with QE Platinum, which holds a Class-A Fire Safety Rating and provides unparalleled peace of mind in case of fire.

QE Platinum is an ideal energy-saving solution for residential homes. It can be easily retrofitted by simply placing it on top of existing insulation in the attic. Through its active capture, storage, and release of thermal energy at its phase change temperature, QE Platinum reduces the need for cooling during the summer months. In the winter, it maximizes heat storage by capturing and retaining heat inside the home. Additionally, QE Platinum absorbs and stores a remarkable 100 BTUs per square foot, allowing homeowners to shift and lower their peak HVAC usage and easily avoid expensive energy surcharges.

In commercial settings, QE Platinum is easily installed by our trained technicians on top of the suspended ceiling and/or a traditional attic space. Energy usage is responsible for nearly 40% of operating costs in commercial spaces, making QE Platinum a simple and cost-effective solution for business owners and energy management professionals.

Unlike traditional insulation methods such as fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam that require time-consuming and labor-intensive installation processes, QE Platinum is easy to handle and install. Pliable, lightweight, and simple to work with, QE Platinum can be placed on top of existing attic insulation or suspended ceiling tiles in your office, school, or business. Installing QE Platinum instantly enhances the thermal efficiency of your space. It absorbs, stores, and releases thermal energy at your desired temperature range, keeping you comfortable while reducing HVAC usage.

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sandy andrepontsandy andrepont
16:04 31 May 23
Nikki and her team did a wonderful in my home. They sprayed insulation, sealed air ducts and attic and much more. Nikki explained everything that was... being done, very professional and respectful of me and my home. I highly recommend them!read more
Rudy LinhubRudy Linhub
15:20 15 May 23
When only the best customer service and installation will do. They foam insulated my attic and installed an American Standard heat pump. Quick, easy... and in budget. A rare business find.Thanks Jeff!read more
Jenna DuplechienJenna Duplechien
21:38 11 May 23
Niki Aguillard and her crew came out to my house and did a fantastic job! They texted me what time they would arrive and they were on time. They made... sure every crack was sealed in my house and even put door sliders on the doors to keep the air from flowing in. They completely insulated the attic. They were very friendly and kind overall did an amazing job I’m very pleased with how they went over and beyond to ease every concern I had and I really appreciate their hard work. Would definitely recommend Diversified Energy “Plug into Comfort”read more
Joel HenschenJoel Henschen
22:57 13 Mar 23
We had a great experience working with Diversified Energy. They were always willing to communicate and take care of any issue that popped up. One... of the best and most honest contractors I have dealt with. I will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you!read more
Dolores FryouxDolores Fryoux
21:37 28 Oct 22
Niki and Damon did a great job today!! They really answered All my questions and concerns. I am very happy with the whole process and highly... recommend this company.read more
Avis JamesAvis James
18:27 13 Oct 22
Nikki and her crew sealed in the attic, around doors and around plumbing pipes. Then they returned to add insulation. Very professional. Great job.
Rebecca WhitakerRebecca Whitaker
00:08 25 Sep 22
Blake came out and did an energy audit of my place of residence. He was very gracious and professional. He respected my request for him to remove his... shoes and was patient enough to answer my questions. Thank you, Blake!read more
Darrin ClarkDarrin Clark
18:10 27 Jul 22
Niki crew came and explained the job details and performed very professional and in a timely manner and I was satisfied with the whole process and... would recommend to anyone that is in need of the services they provideread more
Dave ODave O
15:55 16 Oct 21
First off these are some friendly and professional people! They came in to our home and had nothing but respect and explained things in a way that... was more family/friend based than technical. BIG shout out to Mike and Ryan for the amazing help and work! They tested the house and did all the checks as well as made sure we had stuff in place. They hooked us up with a great light package that should help our energy use as well as lighting needs. Everything is top notch and amazing customer service!read more
Summer CarterSummer Carter
20:31 18 Mar 19
I had such a great experience with Jack, Shamone, and Chad! They were extremely friendly and very professional! Jack explained what would take place... the morning of my appointment and answered all of my questions! They were all very understanding of my very noisy three year old as well! Thank you again you guys for such a pleasurable experience!read more
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