As a result of the recent devastating flooding in Louisiana, Joey Laird, Head of Operations for Diversified Energy in Baton Rouge, found his home among the 100,000+ with flood damage. However, Laird isn’t letting the water damage to his own home stop him from helping others in need: “I think a lot of people in these situations tend to worry about themselves. I’m not going to sit around waiting for the water to come down. I’m going to make sure my wife and kids are taken care of, and then we need to get to the people in need.”

Since the floodwaters receded, Laird has been working intently with his church, The Church International, to deliver supplies and hundreds of pallets of water to flood victims. Laird has also been participating in demolition efforts and is continually helping to serve meals to his community, with him and other volunteers serving over 40,000 hot meals in the last week alone. Volunteers with The Church International are also collaborating with sheriffs, fire departments, state troopers, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and Operation Blessing International in order to provide much-needed assistance. In addition, the Church sent out 1,000 boats, is connecting those seeking medical attention to health care professionals, and is helping people find temporary housing and file FEMA claims.

Diversified Energy is fortunate to have head employees like Laird who believe that working together is crucial to affect change in any and every time of need. To donate to The Church’s flood relief fund, go to TheChurch.FM or text “relief” to 225.800.4353.