What Are Magnetite Windows?

Simply put, Magnetite Windows are an acrylic window insert that is installed on the inside of your existing windows. Magnetite Windows are removable, so you still have full access to open, close and clean your windows. And, Magnetite Windows provide double-pane window performance at a fraction of the cost of complete window replacement.

A Little Magnetite Window History

Magnetite Windows were invented by physicist Ken Foster in the 1970’s. MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] commissioned him to invent a way to insulate existing windows in commercial buildings from the inside. After many prototypes and a lot of testing, Mr. Foster devised the Magnetite Window solution that has been successfully installed in residential and commercial applications for over 40 years.

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Features Of Magnetite Windows

There are a myriad of awesome features when it comes to Magnetite Windows, but there are a few that stand out:

Cost Effective – Magnetite Windows are extremely cost effective when compared to full window replacement.

Energy Efficient – Magnetite Windows deliver awesome energy efficiency improvements over single-pane windows.

Completely Custom – All Magnetite Windows are custom manufactured for every home or building. This ensures a perfect fit every time.

Benefits Of Magnetite Windows:

Reduces Noise by up to 70%

Reduces Allergens and Dust

Reduces Energy Costs up to 50%

Reduces Drafts & Air Infiltration

Reduces Condensation

No Major Construction/Window Replacement

Magnetite Windows In Historic Home Renovations

One of the hardest things to achieve in a historic renovation or historic home upgrade is energy efficiency. Every time you turn around there are more rules and regulations set by local historic commissions, and this is especially true when it comes to windows.

Historic homes traditionally have single-pane, wood-framed windows. These types of windows are beautiful, and correct for the time period, but they are lacking when it comes to energy efficiency. This presents a unique challenge to homeowners that want to renovate their historic home or improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Having energy efficient windows is pivotal when it comes to a home’s overall energy efficiency. Windows can represent a large percentage of your exterior wall area. If a home’s windows are not properly sealed and using a double-pane window solution, they present a huge opportunity for energy loss and unwanted air infiltration.

What good is the best insulation and the highest efficiency cooling and heating system, if you are losing a huge percentage of your energy due to leaky, inefficient single-pane windows?

Historic home commissions typically state that all publically visible windows must stay correct for the period. This means historic homeowners are stuck with inefficient, single-pane windows. Magnetite Windows works with and overcomes these restrictions by being installed from the inside, so they don’t change the outward appearance of the home. With Magnetite Windows, historic homeowners get the energy efficiency benefits of double-pane windows while still abiding by the historic home commission’s rules and guidelines.

Magnetite Windows are recommended by many historic home commissions across Louisiana and Texas:

  • The Vieux Carre Commission
  • The Preservation Resource Center
  • The Texas Historical Commission

If you own a historic home and have historical commission guidelines that must be followed, then Magnetite Windows may be the best, and only option you have to achieve superior energy efficiency when it comes to your windows.

Wrapping It Up

Diversified Energy has been a certified Magnetite & Soundtite window manufacturer/distributor for almost 10 years. We have installed Magnetite windows on all types of historic homes around the Louisiana gulf region, and our Magnetite Window fabricators and installers are some of the very best in the business.

Diversified Energy also has extensive experience working on renovations of some of the finest historic homes around the greater New Orleans region. We work with architects, builders, and homeowners to create whole home energy efficiency plans that maximize home performance while keeping within the rules and regulations of even the most stringent historical guidelines.

For more information about Magnetite Windows, and overall home performance,  contact us today – 504-273-7779 – in**@di**********.com.