Magnetite Windows

Cost effective alternative to double pane replacement windows

Magnetite Windows

Magnetite® Windows are practically invisible, yet they provide superior air insulating qualities without the high costs of replacement windows.

Magnetite® Windows were originally designed for old New Orleans historical homes and are now installed all over the country, from treasured homes to hotels and government buildings. With professional installation by Diversified Energy, these efficient windows and service are backed by a limited lifetime transferable warranty.

What Are Magnetite Windows?

Magnetite Windows are lightweight and flexible panels that seal magnetically over the inside of your existing window. Magnetite Windows are easy and quick to install, work with existing windows, block harmful UV rays, and fit over any size or shape of the window. They are perfect for residential, commercial, or historic windows.

Magnetite Windows won’t break or yellow. The powerful magnetic frame seals your window, eliminating outside dust, pollen, and air pollution as well as deadening sound by up to 70%. Magnetite windows leave your exterior untouched and are virtually invisible from the inside. Magnetite windows can be fitted to any size and shape window.

How Much Do Magnetite Windows Cost?

The cost of your new Magnetite windows will depend on the number and the size of windows that need Magnetite window inserts. But, you can rest assured that they are very cost-effective, and one of the only double-pane window solutions approved for most historic homes. Magnetite windows also pair well with our whole house air sealing service, so you can further improve the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of your home.

For answers to your questions, more information, and a free quote for residential or commercial Magnetite windows, contact us today.

Magnetite Windows

The patented magnetic edging of these windows secures a clear sheet of optical grade virgin acrylic, which is installed on the interior of the existing window casing. Not only do these eco windows lower your energy bills, but they also provide superior soundproofing and preserve the integrity of the existing structure. Magnetite windows are the cost-effective alternative to replacement windows, and one of the only approved double-pane options for historic homes.

Contact us today for more information about Magnetite windows and all of Diversified Energy’s home performance improvement services and diagnostic testing services.

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  • Jamie Reed Avatar
    Jamie Reed

    SAVE MONEY HERE! After receiving another frustrating Cleco bill, I was connected with Diversified Energy and was able to schedule them right away. Chad was extremely informative in ways to save energy. After running some airflow test he determined I was heating not only my house but the entire neighborhood!!! He properly sealed my attic door, the space around my AC vents, changed some LED lights and also Encouraged me to finish a remodeling project in my bathroom that was causing it to lose air and heat to the home. Through these air leaks I was basically heating another 1100 sqft every month. Yes that is really bad! I’m confident that my bill will go down and I appreciate the professionalism. I highly recommend this company and ask for Chad.

  • Cameron Burgess Avatar
    Cameron Burgess

    The guys that came out to the house were very nice, very informative, they kept us up to date on everything they did and did a great job. They made huge improvements in our AC, vent seals, weather seals on doors , and air leakage. I would definitely recommend giving these guys a call.

  • John Lipani Avatar
    John Lipani

    This company was awesome. First off they were prompt. Love when someone says they will be there they are. Ryan was not only a professional but a subject matter expert. He talked me through every step they were doing. Niki and Tatumr were meticulously making sure every blub was changed and both a/c units were working optimally. I can't say enough about the great work they did. I will eventually add spray foam and they will be the first company I call. Thank you all. JOHN

  • Brian Duplantis Avatar
    Brian Duplantis

    Chad and Ross were the 2 nicest and professional people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They explained everything in detail and I had no worries. They are an asset to your company. I am a senior citizen and enjoyed meeting and working with them. Thank you for everything

  • Sharon Webre Avatar
    Sharon Webre

    I'm extremely satisfied with the work performance of Chad with diversified energy, not only was he professional and extremely efficient and also had a great courteous professional demeanor. I would highly recommend their services to other home owners.


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