What Is Cotton Armor Insulation?

Cotton Armor insulation is made by the Applegate Insulation company. Applegate is also the manufacturer of the premium cellulose insulation we install.

Cotton Armor is a super eco-friendly batt style insulation that is made from 85% recycled cotton and denim. Its proprietary fiber layering provides excellent insulation and sound control qualities. Because Cotton Armor is made from recycled denim and cotton fibers it is as comfortable, non-irritating, and as safe to use as your favorite pair of jeans.

Cotton Armor installs just like fiberglass batt insulation, but there are none of the environmental or indoor air quality concerns like fiberglass batt insulation. Diversified Energy can install Cotton Armor in interior and exterior walls, floor systems, and attics. 

Cotton Armor – Insulation & Sound Control

Cotton Armor insulation provides excellent thermal insulation and sound control qualities. It comes in standard thermal insulation levels of R-13, R-19, and R-21. Batts can be layered to achieve higher R-values in attic installations.

Sound Control

An R-13 Cotton Armor blanket insulated wall has an STC of 52, which is equivalent to 12 inches of cement. A comparable steel stud wall insulated with fiberglass batts have STC ratings typically in the forties. And, your typical 2″ x 4″ gypsum wood stud wall without insulation has an STC of 33 – 35.

  • An R-13 Cotton Armor insulated wall has a 52 STC
  • An R-19 Cotton Armor insulated wall has a 53 STC
  • An R-21 Cotton Armor insulated wall has a 54 STC

The higher the STC rating the better the sound deadening ability of the material [STC ratings calculated according to ASTM E-90 testing for sound transmission loss in 24″ o.c. steel stud walls and one 5/8th inch layer of type X gypsum on each side].

Imagine how much more quiet and peaceful your home would be with Cotton Armor insulation installed in your interior walls and floor systems. It is perfect for insulating around your master bedroom, or all bedrooms for that matter, so everyone in the house gets a great night’s sleep. Use it to cut down on noise transmission between floors, or to isolate your family room or TV room.

Since Diversified Energy offers multiple high-performance insulation products, we can custom design a thermal and sound control insulation package that works with your budget, your energy efficiency, and environmental goals.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the right insulation for your new construction or renovation project is a key item for your energy efficiency, overall comfort and indoor air quality. Cotton Armor insulation adds another level to the decision making process with it being extremely eco-friendly. For our clients that want be ultra eco-friendly in their new construction or renovation project, Cotton Armor maybe the perfect insulation option.

Diversified Energy can install Cotton Armor Insulation in interior and exterior walls, floors, and in your attic. Most of our clients that choose Cotton Armor use it in combination with our other high performance insulation products. We will install Cotton Armor in the interior walls and floors for awesome sound control, and install either spray polyurethane foam or stabilized cellulose insulation in exterior walls and attic.

For more information about Cotton Armor Insulation, and overall home performance,  contact us today – 504-273-7779 – in**@di**********.com.