Cotton Insulation

85% recycled cotton & denim delivers excellent sound control

Cotton Armor Recycled Denim & Cotton Insulation

DE proudly installs the world’s foremost energy saving hybrid insulation: Cotton Armor.

Our pros have taken the time to research how this innovative recycled cotton denim insulation by Applegate delivers an incredible degree of insulating effectiveness, lowering the energy needed to heat and cool homes while helping to minimize monthly energy bills. For those looking to reduce noise levels, this product also provides excellent Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings and is an extremely affordable sound control option.

What Is Cotton Armor Insulation?

Cotton Armor, by Applegate Insulation, is produced from 85% recycled denim and cotton fibers. Cotton Armor is an environmentally safe insulation that provides excellent Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings.

Cotton Armor’s proprietary fiber layering makes it easier to properly size and install than other insulation. Installers and building operators appreciate the advantages of reduced installation time and increased acoustical performance. Because Cotton Armor is made from recycled denim and cotton fibers it is as comfortable, non-irritating and as safe to use as your favorite pair of jeans. Additionally, it is sized for 16″ o.c. and 24″ o.c. residential and commercial framing, which combined with its rigidity and rebound helps reduce compression, gaps and voids that can significantly decrease acoustical and thermal performance.

Cotton Armor Sound Control

  • An R-13 Cotton Armor insulated wall has a 52 STC
  • An R-19 Cotton Armor insulated wall has a 53 STC
  • An R-21 Cotton Armor insulated wall has a 54 STC

An R-13 Cotton Armor blanket insulated wall has an STC of 52, which is equivalent to 12 inches of cement. Comparable steel stud walls insulated with fiberglass batts have STC ratings typically in the forties, while a typical 2″ x 4″ gypsum wood stud wall without insulation has an STC of 33 – 35. Cotton Armor has naturally high STC ratings and is environmentally safe, affordable, energy efficient, easy to install and safe to handle. These factors make it ideal for churches, hospitals, hotels, schools, homes, offices, commercial and residential buildings in which sound control and the ability to hear others is critical for healthy living.

How Much Does Cotton Armor Insulation Cost?

The price for installing Cotton Armor installation depends on the total square footage of insulation to be installed, and the depth of installation. If you want the healthiest insulation, with superior sound control, then Cotton Armor installed by Diversified Energy should be your choice.

Cotton Armor can be used in tandem with our other insulation products. Many clients opt to have Cotton Armor installed on interior walls and floors for sound control, then have stabilized cellulose or spray foam insulation installed in the exterior walls.

For more information about Cotton Armor insulation, contact us today!

Denim Insulation

Cotton Armor contains at least 85% recycled content, so it reuses resources to save energy and American energy dollars. It does not itch because it contains no fiberglass, formaldehyde, or other outdated materials associated with increased health concerns. Applegate Insulation’s Cotton Armor is also a sustainable high-performance defense against unwanted sound. The natural sound attenuating properties of cotton make Cotton Armor an ideal solution for those looking to quiet noisy ducts and pipes with sound barrier insulation.

Contact us for more information about Cotton Armor insulation in new construction and renovation projects.

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