HVAC Duct Sealing

Sealing your ductwork can lower your cooling and heating bill by up to 25% or more!

HVAC Duct Sealing & Repair

25% to 40% of HVAC energy output is lost through duct systems. Sealing ductwork is DE’s top priority in improving energy efficiency and comfort.

Countless studies prove that a duct leakage test is one of the most crucial aspects in determining the energy efficiency, energy costs, moisture problems, and health and safety concerns in the home. Our goal is to reduce duct leakage as much as possible. Unfortunately, a recent study by a highly respected national laboratory found that a 25% loss of efficiency due to ductwork issues is typical.

Why Does Duct Sealing Matter?

The reason sealing leaky ducts is such a priority for us across the Gulf South is simple. Due to pressure imbalances, the amount of conditioned air that is leaking out of a building’s ducts will inevitably be replaced by the intrusion of the same amount of extreme (hot/humid) outside air. If the ductwork leakage is excessive the result can be extreme humidity levels in the home, buckling sub-floors, condensation around ceiling vents, mold/mildew, and water-saturated attic insulation/sheetrock, among other issues.

Having your duct-work properly sealed is one of the home energy efficiency improvements with the fastest, highest and longest paybacks. Airtight ductwork can save up to 25% or more on your cooling and heating bills. These savings will go on for many years, providing ongoing savings that pay off in multiple ways – You keep more money in your pocket. Your HVAC equipment will last longer and operate more efficiently. And, you will enjoy increased comfort and improved indoor air quality [IAQ].

Contact us today for a free quote and information about how available electric utility incentive programs can help offset a portion of the cost for Diversified Energy’s professional duct testing and duct sealing services.

How Much Does Duct Sealing Cost?

The price for Diversified Energy duct sealing services depends on a few criteria. The number and size of your home’s HVAC systems. The number of supply and return vents, and the overall complexity of your HVAC system[s].

Our duct sealing service pairs well with our whole house air sealing, and other home performance diagnostic testing and improvement services. For more information about duct sealing, available incentives, and scheduling your appointment, contact us today!

Available Incentives

There are multiple electric utility companies with incentive programs for improving the energy efficiency of your home. These incentive programs can help offset a portion of the cost of having your home and duct-work tested and energy efficiency improvements installed. Contact us for more information about current incentive programs.

HVAC Duct Sealing & Repair

As part of a comprehensive service plan, Diversified Energy’s BPI certified professionals can perform a duct leakage test to quantify how leaky [or inefficient] a home’s HVAC ductwork is. We can then clean and seal the ductwork to maximize energy efficiency, providing higher indoor air quality, and uncover any potential health/ safety concerns.

For more information about our duct sealing, duct testing, and related home performance diagnostic testing services, contact us today.

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  • Tatiana Begault Avatar
    Tatiana Begault

    Diversified Energy has done extensive positive work in our general community and I have learned first hand of their social conscious mission and vision. Incredible weatherization techniques, they are an environmental friendly company with caring and dedicated crew members. Truly professionals and held uttermost respect to my family. Top notch service in weatherization and spray foam insulation. Worthy of every dime spent!
    Has saved money and continues to reduce monthly expenses, gold star contractor, honest and commendable company. Their dedication and prompt communication are outstanding. Great team to hire and work with!

  • Karah Morris Avatar
    Karah Morris

    Very professional and well knowledgeable, reduced our energy by almost 3000 kWh which is really good

  • Brandon Gantar Avatar
    Brandon Gantar

    I use diversified energy through the entergy new orleans energy smart program and the results were amazing. My electricity billed dropped. Highly recommended

  • Brianna Bowen Avatar
    Brianna Bowen

    Very thorough work. Helped get our home more energy efficient! Would highly recommend!

  • Giovanni Ferrazzano Avatar
    Giovanni Ferrazzano

    Great experience with Chad and Aaron(sp?) and our home weatherization. Very professional. They explained the technical details of the process and were very thorough. The efficiency gains were impressive!


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