Jeff Haag, owner of Diversified Energy talks about the use of felt walls to reduce the need for additional open-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation over unconditioned spaces. In this example, there is an attic space that overhangs a patio area, and Diversified Energy is installing a felt wall inside the attic to separate the portion of the attic that is over the patio from the rest of the attic that is over the interior living area of the home.

Using this method to separate the two spaces of the attic reduces the homeowner’s insulation cost, but doesn’t sacrifice comfort or the insulation value protecting the conditioned/interior spaces of the home.

Homeowners do have the option of having spray foam insulation installed over the entire attic space, but it can add considerable cost to the insulation bid. At Diversified Energy, we discuss all the options with our clients so they can make the best & most informed decision possible when it comes to their home.


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