Partner With Diversified Energy

The home construction and renovation industry have changed and evolved over the years. New code requirements and performance verifications are necessary. Building science has advanced, and there are more products and services to choose from when it comes to home energy efficiency. This has left many home builders in the region looking for answers and solutions, and many reasons to partner with Diversified Energy.

Jeff Haag, owner of Diversified Energy, has been on the cutting edge of home performance and serving the Greater New Orleans, Southern Louisiana, and Gulf South region for two decades. When it comes to home performance, there is no other company that can compete with the experience, quality, and service that Diversified Energy delivers every day.

So … Why should home builders partner with Diversified Energy? Well, we can think of dozens of reasons, but for this article, we will focus on the top five.

One-Call Solution

Diversified Energy provides the perfect mix of diagnostic testing, performance verification, code compliance verification, high-performance insulation, and technical services. This makes Diversified Energy your One-Call solution.

New construction and renovation projects can all benefit from our end-to-end service. From pre-construction / pre-renovation analysis – Manual J, D & S calculations], insulation and air-sealing, blower door and duct testing, to final performance verification and Louisiana building code compliance verification. When you partner with Diversified Energy, we will coordinate and communicate seamlessly with your other subcontractors.

With one call to Diversified Energy, your one-off home build or your entire subdivision can take advantage of our integrated home performance services. You don’t need to deal with a half dozen different companies when one call to Diversified Energy is the only call you need to make.

Performance Products & Services

Diversified Energy’s menu of performance products and services are unequaled. For example:

  • Other companies offer one kind of insulation. At Diversified Energy we offer professionally installed open cell and closed cell spray foam, stabilized cellulose, blown-in and batt fiberglass insulation, and the super eco-friendly Cotton Armor [cotton and recycled denim batt insulation]. No matter what your insulation goals are, we have the solution you need.
  • Air sealing and HVAC duct sealing – Our highly trained crews can ensure that the entire building envelope and HVAC duct system are properly sealed from top to bottom.
  • Diagnostic Testing – Our BPI certified technicians utilize the most accurate testing equipment to run our blower door and HVAC duct tests. We can perform certified level 1 infrared photograpy [thermography], and CAZ [combustion appliance zone] testing.

Unlike other companies that only offer one service or one product, we truly understand how all everything works together to create an energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy home.

Performance Verification

One of the hot new topics in home building these days is performance verification. Gone are the days of just building a house and handing it over to the buyer/owner. Code requirements and home buyers/owners want to know that their home and equipment installed are performing as designed and promised.

Diversified Energy provides the performance verification services you want and need to comply with code, and verify that subcontractors have performed their work correctly. Our blower door and HVAC testing services ensure that you have an air-tight home and air-tight ductwork.

Code Compliance

Diversified Energy is licensed to perform Louisiana building code compliance and performance verifications on new construction and renovation projects in Louisiana. Our BPI certified technicians will make sure everything conforms to the latest requirements.

Our code compliance/verification services can and should be performed during and at the end of the construction process.

Seamless Coordination With Subcontractors

At Diversified Energy we fully understand the necessity to stay on schedule. That is why we go out of our way to ensure that all of the services we provide on your new construction or renovation project blend seamlessly into the overall plan. We are highly experienced at working with, and around other subcontractors, and that is why some of New Orleans finest home builders and renovators partner with Diversified Energy on every project.

Bonus Reason 1 – BPI Certifications

No other company in Louisiana employs more BPI certified technicians than Diversified Energy. And, we take that a step further by being the only BPI certified training and testing company in the Gulf South.

All of our certified technicians hold one or more BPI certifications, including Building Analyst, Energy Auditor, Infiltration & Duct Leakage Professional, Quality Control Inspector, and Envelope Professional.

Bonus Reason 2 – Longevity

Diversified Energy & Jeff Haag have been part of the Louisiana & Gulf South home building industry for two decades. While many other companies have come and gone, we have stood strong through it all.

We live here, we work here, and we love it here. 

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to home performance solutions, Diversified Energy is truly the only call you need to make. There is no other company that can provide the integrated home performance products or services that we can, or has the years of experience and exemplary record that Diversified Energy offers. 

For more information about your home construction or renovation company partnering with Diversified Energy, contact us today – 504-273-7779 – in**@di**********.com.